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Comprehensive diagnostics of parasitic disease

Opisthorchiasis is a chronic helminthic infection caused by parasitic infestation of the host organism with flatworms of the family Opisthorchiidae.

Opisthorchiasis is often related to the following diseases: purulent cholangitis, acute pancreatitis, cholelithiasis, liver abscess and other diseases. According to WHO data, opisthorchidoses are precancerous conditions, and their agents are assigned to carcinogens of group 1 according to the IARC classification.

That is why we developed a line of reagent kits intended for comprehensive diagnosing of opisthorchiasis:

  • The reagent kit "InVitroLogic Opisthorchis-AB" for immunoassay identification of common antibodies against Opisthorchis felineus in serum and plasma obtained from human blood.                                       
    The specificity is 98%. Sensitivity is 97%. The reagent kit is intended for 96 tests.
  • The reagent kit "InVitroLogic DNA Opisthorchis" helps to discover Opisthorchis felineus, Clonorchis sinensis, Opisthorchis viverrini, Metorchis bilis DNAs in human feces. The test is based on a multiplex polymerase chain reaction with real-time detection of fluorescent signals (real-time PCR).                    
    This reagent kit helps to identify O.felineus, C.sinensis, O.viverrini, M. bilis DNAs and their mixed infestations using only one analysis cycle. This reagent kit ensures high specificity and sensitivity of the test greatly reducing its duration, which allows automation and scalability of diagnostic process.  The reagent kit is intended for 48 tests.

Products have developed with financial support of Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation.