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Serratia marcescens nuclease

Non-specific endonuclease Serratia marcescens is a recombinant protein obtained from E coli cells carrying plasmid with the NucA Serratia marcescens gene. The ferment is highly active and thermostable. The substrata for it are one and two-chain DNA and RNA.

The nuclease is used for processing preparations when we need to get rid of nucleic acids. Аs well as for decreasing the viscosity of solutions caused by the presence of genomic DNA, for example, in the process of receiving recombinant proteins.

Serratia marcescens nuclease is a homo-dimer comprised of 2 sub-units 30 kDa each. The ferment is Mg2+ dependent. The nuclease deconjugates the substrata down to the formation of short oligonucleotides with the length 3 - 5 bases. The ferment works in a wide range of temperatures (0 - 44°С) and  рН (from 6 to 10, with the optimum of 8,8).

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