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Services for medicine and biotechnology
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Services Rendered to Perform Molecular-Genetic Testing

The popularity of genetic tests is currently increasing among the people in the whole world. Governments of most countries tend to make considerable investments in genetic research. A starting point of the growing interest is certain to be «The Human Genome» project, which was put across at the beginning of 2000.

The remarkable technological progress allowed cutting research costs significantly. Moreover, publicity and data base accessibility led to accumulation of large quantity of information. These circumstances proved to be genetics popularization factors, and efforts were made to apply the science not only in classical medicine (i.e. in crisis medicine, which tackles the existing health problems), but also in preventive medicine (4P and 5P concepts of medicine). According to the WHO definition, health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, rather than absence of diseases and corporal defects. People have a choice and an opportunity to look after their health, but not after their diseases.

The company has been engaged in development of genetic panels for 5 years. MBU-Technology LLC has its own clinical diagnostic laboratory, which is licensed and fitted with up-to-date high-tech facilities.  Several R&D tasks have been fulfilled, and a great deal of informational-methodological work has been done for this period of time. The data base includes over 200 genetic markers of various states and risks. Data bases of different genetic types have been created. A complete diagnostics cycle is accomplished to confirm sensitivity and specificity by different reference methods (i.e. digital PCR, Sanger sequencing, NGS, nanoporous sequencing).

MBU-Technology has done more than 5000 researches on the developed genetic panels such as «Endocrinology», «Cosmetology», «Trichology», «Dietary Science», and «Active Ageing».

You’ll find the detailed information on these panels on the site of our subsidiary – Basis Genotech Group


MBU-Technology LLC offers services of molecular genetic testing. We deal only with legal parties. To make contracts on genetic testing, the legal parties should refer to Basis Genotech Group (

Our advantages:


A balanced gene set on each program, valid analysis results, convenient microbiological sampling, the company’s own clinical diagnostic laboratory, low cost.

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